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Like Love Loathe 17/06/14

I’ve never joined in with this particular linky before but I’ve got plenty to say this week (and most weeks actually) so here I am. This week, I like: Planning. The summer break is coming up for the boys and I…
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Super Quick Guide: Low Fat Picnic Ideas

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a couple of months now and I’m just a couple of pounds away from having lost a stone. With the summer holidays coming up I am in the middle of planning an awesome…
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I Can Do It!

A very short post from me this week for #CountryKids but one that made me incredibly proud of my three year old. More importantly, it made him incredibly proud of himself. Love that boy ❤️  

Bolton Abbey

A day of glorious sunshine. We don’t get many of those so decided to make the most of it and head over to Bolton Abbey near Skipton in *cough* Yorkshire *cough*. I’d never been to Bolton Abbey before and wasn’t…
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WIN: Tickets to see The Pirate Gran!

AHOY THERE, ME MATEYS! The Pirate Gran is coming to stage at The Lowry in Manchester! I’m actually really gutted that I can’t make it myself with the boys, but I do have a family ticket to give away to…
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Wise Words from an Elderly Lady

This is something my grandma once said to me. She said it on a day when times were tough and money was tight, and I sat and told her my worries. There won’t always be dark days. I didn’t take a…
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My Weekend of Freedom

The husband he has gone away To go walking (quite a lot) The boys and I had our big plan Of films and fizzy pop A weekend full of games and fun Had started off so well Their friend was…
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Family Theatre: The Sooty Show

The day before Rowan’s birthday, we’re off to see some of my old childhood friends. This friendly bunch bring back memories of pre-school fun, and I also recall having them with me while I got better on grandma’s sofa if…
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Our Lost Boys Photoshoot

One rainy day we were invited by DJ Archer Photography to be involved in a Lost Boys themed photo shoot for our two boys and two other beautiful boys we know, who belong to Jenny from The Brick Castle. Although…
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