Project 365: Week 10

Days 60 to 66 of 2015 looked like this for us …

week 10 collage


Day Sixty

Oh, what an evening we had on Sunday. The boys were playing upstairs and – although they are forbidden from jumping on the bed – they decided to have a little bounce, and also to throw in a few karate moves. So, one knee-in-one-eye later, here we are with a shiner on a four year old. I was completely mortified and totally convinced that social services would be bringing me in for questioning, or whatever it is they do!

Day Sixty-One

We’ve been making lapbooks from the Twinkl website, and this is Rowan’s penguin lapbook. They’re a great way of doing a little project without making it too long and laborious for youngsters.

Day Sixty-Two

With World Book Day looming, I decided I’d better get going with Rowan’s Hairy Maclary outfit. I must have had the task on my mind because this is the only photo I appear to have taken!

Day Sixty-Three

As a reward for excellent school reports, I took the boys for an impromptu visit to our local soft play centre for a play and something to eat. They had a ball, and I just about survived.

Day Sixty-Four

As the cat comes home more often, and for longer periods of time, he seems to be settling really well. I was amused to find him wrapped up in a sleeping bag on the sofa though – especially when I nearly sat on him!

Day Sixty-Five

I’m cheating and adding two photos for day 65. It was World Book Day at school and the boys’ outfit were fab, even if I do say so myself! Hairy Maclary and Mr. Twit were the characters of choice and they both won best costume prizes.

Day Sixty-Six

Lastly for this week, a peek into a post that’ll be live over the next couple of days. We visited Buile Park in Salford with some of the family and it was surprisingly very good! For a park in the middle of Salford I admit I didn’t have high hopes, but my prejudice was unfounded and we had a lovely time. The boys particularly enjoyed the climbing frame, as you can see in the photo.

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