Brilliant Blogger: February 2015

Brilliant Bloggers

This is the first installment of Brilliant Bloggers, so it was really difficult to choose ‘The One’. Which blogger’s work do I enjoy reading so much that they just had to be the first Brilliant Blogger?

This blogger has been writing stuff on the internet since the days of the dial up connection and has been a part of online communities in a whole host of forms.

She is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know and I think that comes across in her writing. She’s blogged the good, the bad and the utterly tragic, and she’s still always there when I need advice. Her family are her world and she blogs about them often. I always think her review posts are brilliant – she thinks of absolutely everything, and her personal posts could move even the stone hearted to tears. I like this blogger so much I don’t even mind that she’s vegetarian.

She blogs about a whole range of topics, but one thing she’s really passionate about is her and her family’s love of a certain plastic brick. In case you haven’t already guessed, I give you…

Jenny from The Brick Castle.

The Brick Castle Logo

I’ve chosen three of my favourite posts from The Brick Castle, but there are many more excellent posts.

First is her review of a LEGO campervan. The detail in this review is brilliant and it’s clear that Jenny has spent a long time preparing this post. They are deserving of their LEGO Family Blogger status – I think LEGO are pretty lucky to have them really.

The second post that stands out for me is  an update about Jenny’s partner recovering from Meningitis. I could choose any of the posts she writes on this subject because they so clearly come from the heart. They’re honest, open and informative. I love the line ‘He’s my little shadow, although I call him my assistant because it makes him feel proud.’ I think this line perfectly demonstrates the respect she has for her children, and it’s sometimes easy to forget to show them that.

Lastly, I couldn’t talk about Jenny without talking about Elspeth. This post, written after the loss of their daughter last year, is a hard read but is a perfect balance of honesty, emotion and respect for Elspeth.

Thank you for being brilliant, Jenny.


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  1. You are so sweet Karen, you really made me well up with pride. I don’t know if I deserve the title, but I always give my best, nothing is dialled in, so it’s truly flattering to find that you think I’m deserving of credit. It’s a lovely post too, and they’re 3 blog posts I really put everything into – you were right. Thank you xxx

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